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Colorblind America: A Malignant Fallacy

The fanciful idea of living in a colorblind society is one of the greatest impediments to sophisticated discussions about race in America.  If there is going to be a soothing of racial tensions in American society, there first has to be an understanding that race — albeit a social construct based on some biological realities –exists and matters, and it is not just a vestigial figment of centuries-old white racism.

It is axiomatic that race is a part of our social reality; however, where we need more discussion is on precisely where race matters.  The fundamental problem with race in America today is that we have a band of profiteering, country-trotting black liberals claiming that race matters in all the areas where it clearly does not.


  • http://Website cindy

    Race matters when people are looking for somewhere to place the blame, away from personal responsibility.

    So pathetic.

    “”White” has stopped meaning Caucasian, imprecise as this term has always been, and has started to mean “those racial groups that have made it.” “Minority” has started to mean “those racial groups that have not yet made it.” (A recent San Francisco Chronicle story even excludes non-Mexican-American Latinos from the “minority” category.) This new division is as likely as the old to create nasty, corrosive, sometimes fatal battles over which racial groups get the spoils. So long as we think in terms of “white” and “minority,” we risk disaster, no matter which races are put in which box.”

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