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The Left’s Government Inversion Strategy

By Chidike Okeem

The common political wisdom is that liberals adore massive government whereas conservatives champion limited government. While this is incontestably true, this observation often eclipses the also true point that liberals are not wholly incapable of criticizing government. The left’s relationship with government is one that is strikingly schizophrenic. As much as liberals worship Uncle Sam, their love for government is displayed only when the government is functioning in ways that treat codified constitutional principles as analogous to the infantile scribbling of preschoolers.

Liberals possess what I have labeled a reverse morality complex, which is their propensity to champion evil over good; however, it is critically important to understand how this insidious morality complex is manifested. Liberals blame legitimate functions of government for society’s problems in order to obfuscate the fact that illegitimate functions of government are the cause of today’s social infections. It is arguably the left’s most pernicious act of prestidigitation that gets very little attention.


DOCUMENTARY: The Great Global Warming Swindle

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This magnificent documentary on global warming is definitely worth watching! I’ve been waiting for the full documentary to end up on YouTube! Enjoy!

Dr. William Lane Craig vs. Dr. Sam Harris on Objective Morality

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It’s always enjoyable to see atheists who think they are so intellectually brilliant get destroyed by intelligent Christians. Manifestly, that is what occurred when Sam Harris brought a knife to an intellectual gun fight against the inimitable double-Ph.D., William Lane Craig. If you haven’t watched this already, load it up, get some popcorn and enjoy! This is better than a movie!

Also, check out this awesome review of the debate from Wintery Knight!

(Sidenote: Sorry I have been MIA for over a month! I plan to get back to writing pieces and updating this blog frequently. Watch this space!)