Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Louise Antony Debating ‘Is God Necessary For Morality?’

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This is an astonishingly good debate between Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Louise Antony. I’ve watched a lot of these debates between Christians and atheists and I’ve never discovered an atheist as bright as Dr. Antony. Although there are massive holes in her arguments (as one would expect from an atheist), she stated her case with intelligence, grace, and clarity, nonetheless.

I’ve noticed that the best-performing atheists in debates are always the people without the celebrity credentials. Presumably because they tend to be thoughtful academics who aren’t just out to add to their fame at all costs. As can be seen from Sam Harris in the last debate I posted, once you take celebrity atheists out of their comfort zone of repeating mindless and puerile chants against religion, they really have nothing left to say about anything.

Enjoy this video!