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Can the Right Afford to Neglect Academia?

By Chidike Okeem

It is common for right-wingers to inveigh against academia and the elitism that it gives rise to—especially where sociology and the social sciences are concerned. The impulse for this attitude is certainly understandable. Manifestly, academia is dominated by liberal elitists and has become an unremitting factory for disastrous left-wing ideas—ideas that have incontestably ruined societies and communities where they have been implemented. However, there is a fundamental distinction between critiquing the liberal bent of academia and glibly dismissing academia as a whole.

If conservatism is going to continue to be a robust movement, rather than an ideology of insubstantial and repetitious slogans—much like liberalism has been reduced to—there has to be a vigorous intellectual movement that goes along with any populism. In other words, we need Heather Mac Donalds to go along with our Sarah Palins.


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