Ann Coulter on Brokered Convention and Sarah Palin

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While I completely disagree with Ann Coulter vis-à-vis Mitt Romney, I enthusiastically agree with her comments in this video! Sarah Palin has demonstrated that she is an absolute self-serving fraud. The fact that the conservative movement didn’t unanimously turn on Palin after her backstabbing of Michele Bachmannon the day before the Iowa vote!—is absolutely shocking to me. Also, it’s curious that conservatives haven’t questioned her flip-flopping on candidates. First, she heavily praised Santorum (for the sole purpose of attempting to get Bachmann out of the race, because Santorum was Bachmann’s main competitor), then she switched to Gingrich, who was floating her name around as a possible cabinet pick.

Palin’s analyses throughout this campaign have been self-serving; her analyses are not designed to benefit the conservative movement. Yet, inexplicably, many conservatives have deluded themselves into believing that Sarah Palin is still an honest spokeswoman for the conservative cause. In coming months, I am confident that smart conservatives will recognize Palin’s fraudulence, and all Palin will be left with is the Palin-stinian Liberation Front—her devoted army of mindless cult members.

Also, I find it humorous that people are trashing Ann Coulter for speaking the truth. (See the members of the Palin-stinian Liberation Front leaving comments at The Right Scoop and The Daily Caller.)

FACT: Ann Coulter—an eight-time New York Times bestselling author of conservative classics and heavyweight defender of conservatism for more than a decade—has done more for conservatism than Sarah Palin—a vice-presidential nominee on a losing ticket and a half-term governor who quit to pursue her new occupation: pretending to run for president to con her witless followers into donating money to her political action committee.

  • Blackwater

    You are a complete idiot. Have read your tripe over at Hot Air.  I thought you sounded stupid there, then I read this.

    Sarah Palin has said something nice about ALL of the candidates, including Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. She hasn’t endorsed anyone though.

    You write like a Kossak or one of the freaks from Democrat Underground PRETENDING to be a “conservative”  You certainly aren’t for real.

    Oh, and if you wonder why Palin wanted nothing to do with that backstabbing weasel Michele Bachmann, read this.


      Lovely! A member of the Palin-stinian Liberation Front (PLF) took a break from their deep, devoted worship at their homemade shrine of Sarah Palin to come on MY blog to insult me. I wonder if you are the same member of the PLF who sent me many abusive e-mails…

      Being insulted by a Sarah Palin fan, like I said on Hot Air, is a compliment. So I thank you.

      Have a good evening!

      – Chidike