Jonah Goldberg on the ‘Stupidity’ of Young People

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Rather than insulting young people, conservatives should be making arguments that convince young people to vote Republican. The existence of College Republicans on campuses across America is demonstrative of the fact that it is possible for people to be both young and conservative. This kind of rhetoric from Jonah Goldberg does absolutely nothing to make the Republican Party a more attractive place for young people. It’s hilarious how conservative Republicans make such reckless arguments and comments that clearly alienate groups of people, then they become incensed when these groups vote Democratic in large numbers. (NEWSFLASH: You’re the cause!)

The Republican Party really needs help with messaging. Prominent conservative Republicans need to quit sabotaging the efforts of those of us who are trying to spread conservatism beyond its traditional audience. I understand that Mr. Goldberg is being provocative in order to sell books, but he needs to find other, less damaging, points to make.

By the way, I am currently reading his book, and it is really good.

The Tyranny of Clichés