Why Mormons Are Not Christians

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OKfShInasmuch as I am a staunch critic of Mormonism, uninformed people have asked me why I am so opposed to a “perfectly acceptable Christian denomination.” The fact that I have to write this blog to explain why Mormons are absolutely not Christians is demonstrative of the fact that true Christianity has declined considerably in American society. There are so many nominal Christians who are completely theologically illiterate. That’s not surprising considering the popularity of unlettered frauds who care more about money than preaching the truth of the Bible. There is no greater example of this phenomenon than Joel Osteen, who is the “pastor” of the largest church in America—Lakewood Church. He enjoys the status and power of having the largest congregation in America, yet he is squeamish about proclaiming the most basic Christian principles when challenged in secular settings. In a country where flyweights like Joel Osteen are laughably elevated as spiritual and theological heavyweights, it’s not surprising that so many Americans are unwise enough to believe that Mormonism is actually a legitimate Christian sect. Without question, Mormonism is not Christian.

Christianity for Cretins: If You Mention ‘Jesus Christ,’ You’re a Christian!

The principal reason why many are led to believe that Mormonism is a denomination of Christianity is because the official name of the religion is: The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. In the minds of cretins, any religion with a key figure named “Jesus Christ” is Christian.

Simply believing in something one calls “Jesus Christ” does not necessarily make one a Christian. One needs to believe in the Jesus Christ of Nazareth described in the Holy Bible to be a Christian. Manifestly, Mormons do not believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Rather, Mormons believe in Jesus Christ of Kolob—an imaginary man from an imaginary planet with as much connection to authentic Christian doctrine as Harry Potter, the sparkly Twilight vampires, and Casper the Friendly Ghost. There is no theological, spiritual, or logical difference between Mormonism and a man who buys a goldfish, names it Jesus Christ, builds an altar for it, worships it, and calls himself a Christian under the denomination of Goldfishism.

Clearly, there are theological and doctrinal disagreements between real Christians. Because the Bible has many areas that are up for interpretation, there is plenty of room for sectarian disagreement on non-essential aspects of Christianity. Nevertheless, there needs to be respect for the basics of Christianity. All of the major tenets of Christianity are rejected by the Mormon Church, yet silly people still believe that because Mormons have the name “Jesus Christ” in the official title of their fraudulent church, it must be a legitimate denomination of Christianity.

The Concept of the Trinity: The Key Defining Element of Christendom

Christians believe in one God that eternally exists in three persons, namely, the Father (Yahweh), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit (also known as the Holy Ghost). This diagram shows the conventional concept of the Trinity:

Christians do not believe that the Father transforms into the Son and the Holy Spirit. That is a belief known as modalism, which is practiced by Oneness Pentecostals (also known as Apostolic Pentecostals). This, as far as I am concerned, is a false doctrine.

Although I am a Protestant, I am not the kind of Christian who, for example, believes that Catholics are not Christians. Do I disagree with lots of their theology and doctrines? Yes. Do I believe some of their teachings are manifestly extra-biblical? Yes. However, I still consider them to be Christians because they believe the basics.

The concept of the Trinity is so integral to Christian doctrine that nontrinitarianism—the rejection of the doctrine of the Trinity—is enough to classify any group as a theological cult. It’s safe to say that the belief in the Trinity is the most important determining factor between a legitimate Christian denomination and an unscrupulous cult trying to advance by latching onto the Christian name for PR purposes.

The Mormon Church teaches that their god (the fake Elohim*) was once a man. Leaving aside the fact that this one doctrine alone is enough to completely disqualify Mormonism from Christendom, they also believe that all men can become gods of their own planets where they will inherit polygamous wives to have limitless sex with in order to populate these planets. They believe that every person on earth was produced by the fake, man-turned-god Elohim and his countless wives.

The Stunning Logical Incoherence of the Mormon Concept of God

What makes Mormonism so inherently irrational is that the Mormon conception of God is logically incoherent. As explained by Dr. William Lane Craig in his description of the ontological argument for the existence of God in his impressive book Reasonable Faith:

God is the greatest conceivable being. This is true by definition, for if we could conceive of something greater than God, then that would be God. So nothing greater than God can be conceived.

Clearly, something greater than the Mormon god can be conceived since he is a created being. Who created him? Who was God before their fake Elohim took over? The Mormon concept of God is completely illogical, incoherent, and explains nothing.

Belief in the doctrine of the Trinity depends on the belief that God eternally exists. Belief in the Trinity means that one believes that God is the Prime Reality—the One from which all things emanate. Mormons clearly reject this crucial Christian doctrine. This is what the Bible teaches about God in Colossians 1:16:

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

Everything cannot be created by and for a created being. It is logically incoherent to suggest that God is a created being. A “created God” is as nonsensical a concept as an “adult baby.” Mormons claim to follow both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, but that is just a ploy to get idiotic “Christians” who can’t be bothered to do the most basic research to find out that the two books are utterly contradictory and cannot both be believed at the same time. Yes, Mormonism and real Christianity are mutually exclusive belief systems.

Frankly, you can name any fundamental Christian doctrine, and you’ll find that the Mormon Church teaches something wholly different. I haven’t even touched the deeply satanic rituals practiced by Mormons such as baptism for the dead and satanic dedications during their wedding ceremonies—as described in the informative book called Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?, written by Tricia Erickson, a Mormon bishop’s daughter.

Joseph Smith was a sexual libertine and a satanic wizard trained in necromancy, who formulated the Mormon religion by cavorting with demons in the dark forests of upstate New York while hallucinating about reading golden tablets. Just because these are inconvenient facts doesn’t make them any less factual.

Essentially, Mormonism is about as Christian as Scientology.

Joel Osteen’s Brand of Christianity Allows the Myth of Mormon Christianity to Flourish

Fundamentally, why theological cults get away with being called Christian denominations is because of the nonsensical brand of Christianity to which so many so-called Christians adhere. “Christian” leaders like Joel Osteen are responsible for fostering an environment where the myth of Mormon Christianity thrives. Osteen recently said that Romney is his brother in Christ. I can’t outright disagree with that comment—provided that the “Christ” being discussed is the fictitious one from Kolob.

If incessantly smiling like a Cheshire cat and repeating shopworn bromides about how happy God wants us to be makes one a theological heavyweight, then Joel Osteen would indisputably be the Apostle Paul of our time. Unfortunately for the simpering simpleton, it doesn’t. Behind Joel Osteen’s Cheshire cat smile and dentist-approved, snow-white teeth are lethal daggers of false doctrine and unadulterated evil. Joel Osteen has proven – over and over again – to be nothing more than a cat’s-paw of Satan. Why Christians continue to buy this man’s platitudinous self-help books is beyond me. If Christians ever start to read real books and support the work of seasoned theologians, motivational-speaking frauds like Joel Osteen will go out of business.

Joel Osteen might as well be a Mormon. His brand of Christianity is just as weak and flimsy. Interestingly, Joel Osteen and Mitt Romney are very similar. They both owe everything they are today to their fathers. Without their prominent fathers, they’d be absolutely nothing. Osteen, a man with no theological training or higher education, inherited a church and became a celebrity because of his father’s effort. Similarly, Romney inherited many millions of dollars—and made millions more by bankrupting businesses for personal profit. They also both happen to be flip-flopping frauds who change with the weather, rather than standing with moral conviction and speaking the truth.

Speak the Truth on Mormonism = YOU’RE A BIGOT!

I am sure that there are some who will read this blog, ignore the facts and logic it contains, and will be reduced to the “YOU’RE A BIGOT!” line that has been so stripped of its meaning via years of abuse. This is to be expected. Any person who says anything even slightly critical of Mormonism is accused of bigotry. Laughably, even pointing out facts about Mormon bigotry against black people is considered to be “bigotry against Mormons.” It’s really stunning.

As I have said before, I have no problem with Mormons. My problem is with Mormonism. It is possible to have Christian love for Mormons while detesting Mormonism. That is not bigotry.

Most of the Mormons I have met have been—at least on the surface—decent, moral people. I know decent, moral atheists, too. Being decent and moral clearly doesn’t make a person a Christian. The only time Mormons tell arrant lies is during theological debates. Mormons are specifically instructed to lie about their church in order to save it from embarrassment. It’s called “Lying for the Lord.”

Real Christians need to be more informed.

*I refer to the Mormon god as “the fake Elohim” to avoid blasphemy. Elohim is a name of the real Christian God that Mormons use for their false, imaginary god.

  • NSangoma

    I am sure that there are some who will read this blog [op-ed], ignore the facts and logic it contains,


    Laughably, even pointing out facts about Mormon bigotry against black people is considered to be ‘bigotry against Mormons.


    What of TRUE CHRISTIANITY’s bigotry against Black people?

    Africans were told that they were heathens and uncivilized so tough, that they now try to out Christian the Christians, to demonstrate that they, Africans, are civilized, too.



    • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” — Galatians 3:28

      Anyone who believes anything else is obviously not practicing TRUE CHRISTIANITY.

      Just like a steak knife can be used to cut steak or to slit someone’s throat, the Bible can be used to heal and to save or it can be used to oppress. In the same way a steak knife isn’t inherently bad because a few people misuse it, the Bible isn’t inherently bad because some people use it manipulatively.

      Oh, and FYI: “BWAAHAHAHAHA” is not a counterargument or a refutation of any of the points I have in this blog.

      In any event, WELCOME TO VOICEOFCHID.COM, NSangoma.

      – Chidike

  • http://twitter.com/Ambinwoke Ambinwoke

    I accuse you of bigotry not because of your presentation of the clear and obvious difference between Mormons and Christians.I am not aware of any situation where Mormons has represented themselves otherwise. yes they pray and believe that you obtain result through faith in Christ, but they have Remained who they are; Mormons.
    Just like We Christians our believe in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, does not make us Judaism.

    I Charge you with bigotry because of your conspicuous personal attacks on Mormons, your name calling, cast down and campaign of calumny you have frequently mount against well known Mormons.
    Mia Love whom you have referred to as a fool often, despite an undeniable record of success and well noted list of accomplishments. Such measurable achievement is not without tough odds and many obstacle.She is a first generation Haitian American that went on to Achieve a status most well connected offspring’s will not and she is still matching on.
    You have and if I may say, I think it is very dis ingenuous on your side to cite as frequently as you did, an antediluvian belief of the Mormon church regarding to race.
    Such belief was just a prevalent in the mainstream Christian Churches of those day. Sir in no time have you leveled vicious and vile criticism as you regularly discharge on LDS on any of them.

    We came from the society and culture that participated in slavery, they sold and enslaved their brothers and sisters, yet again you have gone mute, to my knowledge you have not raised any criticism or condemnation of such publicly.
    While every society generally wear the victim cardigan, and shift blame and condemnation to others, my friend you have not been fair or balanced in your assessment of situation and facts.

    I have urged you privately to double down on your crusade, now I am doing it publicly. Call off your calculated effort to poison the minds of the young and the naïve, As it is obvious to me that you are not seeking neither truth or justice.
    Something Can Be said of a sate and religion that opened their doors and hearts for a first generation Immigrant of African descendant letting her to attain leadership position and succeed.

    Find a good thing and tell a good story, because there is no Lack of it, Mormons has successful record, be it in the area of charity and accommodating people that are different.
    Tell us about George Romney, about his involvement in the Civil right movement, tell us about the story from Joe t. Darden and Shirley Basore. They are good and wonderful stories about a man, Who did his share to make the world a better place.
    Jesus asked those without sin to cast the first stone, heed that lesson of humility, God bless you as you do.

    • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

      Okay, I’m going to break this response into different parts for clarity:


      So is it your position that someone is immune to being called a fool because he or she belongs to the LDS church? That seems to be your gripe with my comments about Mia Love. Mia Love is a moron who is trying to become a congresswoman without having the foggiest idea about what insider trading is. http://bit.ly/RjFEK7 That is like someone trying to become a striker in football (soccer — for American readers) without knowing what the offside rule is. Mormonism aside, she’s an idiot.

      Also, your beloved Mia Love RAISED TAXES THROUGH THE ROOF as Mayor of Saratoga Springs. Here is a video of her bragging about it: http://bit.ly/Q4JtIx

      That’s who I am supposed to believe is a conservative? I am supposed to believe that if elected as a congresswoman she won’t do the same thing? But, as usual, Republicans are so embarrassingly desperate for any glittering black face in the GOP that they’ll take a liberal who raised taxes — just because she claims to be a conservative.

      Leaving aside the fact that a black woman who joins a religion with doctrines that are manifestly hostile to black people is obviously self-hating, Mia Love has provided more than enough evidence of the fact that she is not very bright.


      If you’re going to cite racism within authentic Christian doctrine, you need to give me some verses in the Bible (or at least a link to verses). THERE AREN’T ANY VERSES! Yes, there were some racists who professed Christianity. Heck, Ku Klux Klan members would swear they are Christians. However, Christianity is not responsible for the evil committed as a result of perversions of the text of the Bible. Those who pervert Christianity are the ones responsible for their evil.

      By contrast, racists within the LDS church are following actual Mormon doctrine. Here is a link to racist passages from actual Mormon texts and quotes from Mormon founders and apostles: http://www.christiandefense.or
      Trying to suggest that Christianity and Mormonism have the same racial history is patently preposterous.


      Raising this topic in the context of this discussion is what is known as a ‘red herring’ in logic. It’s a logical fallacy of irrelevance. The topic of discussion is “Why Mormonism Is Not Christianity.” The topic of discussion is not Africa’s role in slavery. Attempting to change the topic to something wholly irrelevant to the subject at hand simply shows that you’re having trouble refuting the points I actually made in the piece.


      Only in an Orwellian society can facts be considered “poisoning young minds.” This is a pattern that I have noticed consistently with Mormons and Mormon defenders. They NEVER engage with the factual substance of critical writings about Mormonism. They always change the subject to something else and/or call names. I call names, but I do so in the process of making arguments. Mormons and their defenders simply call names and play the victim in lieu of valid arguments. It’s pathetic.

      — CONCLUSION —

      Humility doesn’t mean capitulating to the lies of the mob regarding false doctrine. Humility doesn’t mean accepting cults as Christian denominations when they quite demonstrably are not. Humility is about telling the truth in love, and doing so even when it is unpopular. I love all people — including Mormons who hate me for the color of my skin. But love doesn’t mean agreeing with lies. God is love, and he is the Spirit of Truth. Truth is emblematic of humility. Lies are emblematic of ungodly pride. You’ve yet to show me a single lie I told in
      this piece.

      It’s sad, but despite your lengthy post, you didn’t even come close to refuting even ONE point I made in this blog. Please do better next time.

      God bless,

      – Chidike

      • http://twitter.com/Ambinwoke Ambinwoke

        Let me start by telling you, how much i enjoy your writing. I am of the opinion that as you shed the sometimes useless vibrant of youth, and you gain experience that comes with age, that society will gain in you a great thinker and writer.

        Getting back to my disagreement with you, I already know that i am not going to change your mind, but i just want to point out a few issues i have with your logic, hoping that you will take heed.

        MIA LOVE

        In the Issue of Mia Love, Sir did it occur to you that you cited two example and as result branded this hard working and successful lady a fool. I know a famous mayor, as matter of fact the chairman of DNC, he failed Bar exams four times, what should we call him by your standard.

        Now lets look at those two issues.

        1) She raised taxes to the roof. What exactly is the measure of roof? Saratoga Springs, was incorporated in 1997, became a city in 2001. Mayor Love raised taxes so that the infant city can afford the main thing that we as conservatives believe to be the role of Government.
        The fact that you did not cite what percentage the tax increase was and reason for it, did not speak well of you. We are not against raising taxes to perform a constitutionally mandated role government are we ?

        2) You cited a video of Mrs Love not catching up when insider trading issue was brought up, And as a result she is not fit for public service as far as you are concerned. Well you have not asked her about situation related to that, Unlike you we mere mortals at times tend to have brain freeze. And i am not claiming she had one, I don’t know. I am sure that as a mayor her role extended to city and municipal bonds, i am guessing she did well by her constituency.

        Regarding The Church Vs Christianity.

        LDS unlike any other Christian denominations was native to America. The Churches did not have their act together in 1830 much more an infant religion. I am not making any excuse for them, i am just trying to look at things objectively. Go back your bible and read Apostle paul’s rebuke of peter, mainly regarding what, treatment of gentiles. So for you to act as if it has always been hunky dory in christianity, then my dear brother you are being untrue.

        What is LDS today? Again you clearly omitted in your response my citation of Governor George Romney’s involvement in Civil right movement. That is Today’s LDS legacy, that is growth and maturity. Mia Love moving to Utah and finding an environment that fosters growth and success, that LDS legacy.

        Regarding poisoning the mind of the young and Naive, i charged you with that because of your stubborn refusal to be objective. I am going to reject the impulse to say that you are not fair and balance, but the truth is that you are really not.

        When a story is not told in balance then it becomes an incomplete truth, and what is an incomplete truth, your background qualifies you to answer that more most people.

        Humility doesn’t mean capitulating to the lies of the mob regarding false doctrine, i agree with you. Humility doesn’t mean accepting cults as Christian denominations when they quite demonstrably are not, i agree with you too. But humility is about telling the truth and the whole truth in love, and doing so even when it is unpopular. Have you lived up to that threshold?

        In closing, you will not find a mormon that hates you because of your skin color, because i know people that look like me and you that are Mormons.

        • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

          Assuming you’re being sincere, I’m glad you enjoy my writing.

          As for your points allegedly showing the “errors in my logic,” I’m afraid you did no such thing.

          Regarding Mia Love, you said that Mia Love has “an undeniable record of success and [a] well[-]noted list of accomplishments.” You provided *NO* evidence of her supposed success and accomplishments. In response to this, I gave two major examples of her stupidity in order to defend my contention that she’s an idiot. But you think my logic is invalid because I only provided two examples? That doesn’t show any error in my reasoning. Similarly, pointing to a Democrat who failed bar exams four times is an irrelevancy. Yes, there are plenty of not-so-bright Democrats. That has no bearing on whether Mia Love is or isn’t a moron.

          To your point about my use of the term “through the roof,” this is just semantics. My fundamental point is valid. Mia Love raised taxes because, according to her, they were way too low. My job is to point you to facts — not to be an encyclopedia. I refer you to Google to learn more details.

          Also, the last time I read the Constitution, it didn’t say anything about what mayors of cities can and cannot do. The Constitution prescribes limits on the FEDERAL government. Citing the Constitution to defend Mia Love’s decisions to raise taxes as a mayor is preposterous.

          Additionally, Mia Love wasn’t having a brain freeze regarding insider trading. Yes, we humans all make silly, minor mistakes. That’s not what happened there. Mia Love hadn’t heard of the term before she was asked about it. She’s not ready to be a congresswoman. It’s really that simple.

          — ON LDS —

          You keep repeating the falsehood that the LDS church is a Christian denomination. I think I proved in my blog that that’s demonstrably false. If you’re going to call Mormonism a denomination of Christianity, you need to tear down my article and build a case of your own. You haven’t done that. Also, citing squabbles between biblical apostles doesn’t address my argument against Mormonism. I conceded that there are differences between different sects of Christianity in my piece. That doesn’t make Mormonism, which WHOLLY rejects all aspects of conventional Christian doctrine, a part of Christendom.

          To your point about Romney’s father, George Romney’s “involvement” in the Civil Rights movement was wholly political. Any Mormon who was looking to be a successful politician during that time needed to present an image of being good on black issues. Period. I didn’t avoid that point because it was logically unconquerable; I just decided to focus on the other points in your comment.

          — OBJECTIVITY —

          What you would consider “objectivity” from me is fawning capitulation to the lies of the Mormon agenda and total rejection of all facts and truth that shed a negative light on the LDS movement. Sorry, but that’s not objectivity.

          As for telling the truth in love, I have lived up to that. I said I know decent, moral Mormons. I said I love Mormons with the love of Christ, despite their hatred for me and the color of my skin. I reject and detest Mormonism, but I have no hate for Mormons. There is a difference.

          However, the previous paragraph is not enough for people like you. Anything — and I mean anything— said that isn’t 100% positive about Mormonism is considered hateful or bigoted.

          Lastly, your conclusion is totally logically invalid. Citing the fact that there are black Mormons is not a coherent rebuttal to the point that Mormonism teaches anti-black doctrines. Your conclusion fails to account for the fact that self-hate is a phenomenon that actually exists, and one that manifestly exists in any black person who would read the hideous doctrines of Mormonism on the issue of race and conclude that it is a perfectly respectable religion to join.

          Again, another lengthy post from you, but nothing even remotely resembling a refutation of the incontrovertible points I made in my piece.

          – Chidike

          • http://twitter.com/Ambinwoke Ambinwoke

            Again i thank you for letting me make my case, i was not gunning for agreement, i opt for clarity. i enjoy your writing always, even more a forum for healthy debate. I guess at this point we shall let others, i know with time come in contact with our opinion.

            We never stop learning and i know we have boldly put our opinion out there….and we shall with time learn from it,

          • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

            No worries. Always feel free to comment.

            – Chidike

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.henzel Ron Henzel

    The following video lays out, very briefly, the biblical doctrine of God, including the Trinity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjPmZtGBKzc&feature=plcp. This is very different from what it provided by Mormonism.

    • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

      Great video, Ron! It’s nice to see other Christians interested in following what the Bible actually teaches.

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