CT Shooting: To Right-Wing Hypocrites, Trayvon Martin Is Guiltier Than Adam Lanza

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On Friday, December 14, 2012, a crazed gunman, Adam Lanza, 20, shot and killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty children were among the 26 people murdered. It’s almost as if this sick individual killed a child in celebration of every year of his miserable existence on the planet. No parent should have to bury a child. It’s simply not how God intended for life to be. My deepest condolences go out to all the families of the deceased at this time of unimaginable sorrow for them.

Anybody who follows this blog knows that it is no secret that I was completely and utterly disgusted with the reaction of the right-wing to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by killer George Zimmerman. I believed then, as I believe now, that George Zimmerman deserves to rot in prison for chasing Trayvon Martin down against police dispatcher instructions and killing him. Additionally, the right’s—particularly the white right’s—lionization of George Zimmerman, essentially turning him into their very own version of Mumia Abu-Jamal, has been absolutely despicable.

The right’s hypocritical and immoral coverage of the Trayvon Martin case completely eroded the trust I once had in the conservative media. The right’s hypocrisy can be further seen in the differences between how they covered that case with Trayvon, and how they are now covering this case with the Connecticut shooter. Some of their key arguments in the Trayvon case are conspicuously absent in this Adam Lanza case. The lamentable conclusion that I must come to is that the right-wing media believes that the black victim, Trayvon Martin, is more deserving of anathematization than the white murderer, Adam Lanza.

As I said in my piece about the Colorado theater shooting, there was no right-wing outrage over Obama’s statement showing empathy with the families of the dead kids by saying that those children could have been his own. Obama made similar remarks about the dead children in this fatal Connecticut shooting, as he did after Trayvon’s killing. The only statement that the right-wing media pounced on as evidence of Obama’s intolerable presidential malpractice was the statement Obama made about Trayvon. Why is that? The fundamental point is that Obama is allowed to show empathy for the loss of white life, but he dare not empathize with the family of a black “thug” like Trayvon. His doing so, according to their warped logic, not only “wades into a local law enforcement matter,” but is also “race-baiting.”

Another prominent right-wing talking point during the Trayvon/Zimmerman story was the notion that the media engaged in malpractice for daring to use “baby pictures” of Trayvon Martin in order to “make him look innocent.” The truth is that Trayvon had literally just turned 17 when his life was taken away by a callous killer. Therefore, a picture of Trayvon from when he was 12 years old would have been four to five years out of date. He was in fact a minor. But “conservatives” in the media wouldn’t reason like this. They wanted gangsta pictures of Trayvon so desperately that they stooped to taking fake pictures of “Trayvon” from neo-Nazi websites. Their entire evil mission during that case was to turn the victim into the aggressor and the aggressor into the victim.

Interestingly, the same “conservatives” who were incensed at the fact that an outdated picture of dead Trayvon was used in news stories are conspicuously silent about the media using a childhood picture of the 20-year-old killer, Adam Lanza. In point of fact, they are using the childhood picture themselves! Where is the outrage? Why is there no commentary about how heinous it is for the media to use an outdated, childhood picture of an actual killer? More importantly, why are they continuing to use the picture?

In fact, as you can see in the screen capture, prominent right-wing website The Drudge Report used Lanza’s kid picture with a link to a New York Times article describing the killer as “intelligent and shy” (a common praise used for white serial killers/mass murderers — just as it was used for Colorado killer, James Holmes).

Just making sure I have this straight!

The fact of the matter is that the right-wing media couldn’t care less about outdated pictures. They were simply grasping at whatever straws they could to make Trayvon into a “black gangsta” worthy of death for the felony of walking down the street while wearing a hoodie, and while armed with the notoriously lethal weapons commonly known as Skittles and Arizona juice. It’s a shame, but they were more interested in anathematizing Trayvon than they are in anathematizing Adam Lanza, an actual killer.

While Republican elites eat their expensive caviar and drink their fine Champagne while telling themselves that the sole reason minorities voted for Obama is because of “free stuff,” it will never occur to them that their disgusting reactions to stories like the Trayvon killing are incredibly important in shaping how black people feel about the Republican Party. They don’t know that minorities watch them very closely during these kinds of stories — and they remember when they go to the voting booth.

Post-Trayvon, I find it incredibly difficult to take these “conservative” media frauds seriously. They’re completely hypocritical and utterly despicable.

  • Kevin M

    You clowns on the Left tend to ignore Black on Black Crime in major urban areas such as Chicago and Detroit, I notice that Obama has not cried for the nearly 300 people killed in his home town by thugs and criminals, some people were chased down like Martin and killed in the streets, but Chicago has a handgun ban that really works, like it did in DC years ago when 300 people a year were being killed, but hey I actually lived through that.

    • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

      Obviously, you missed the “unflinching conservatism powered by true Christianity” motto of my blog, which would suggest that I am not a leftist, genius. As usual, people like you are so fooled into believing that the right has to be a choir repeating BS talking points in unison. I’ll never see wrong and call it right just because it’s the Republican hymn of the day.

      As for your black-on-black crime point, it is a RED HERRING! This post isn’t about black-on-black crime. Even if I wrote about black-on-black crime everyday until Jesus comes, people like you would still bring it up because it’s your only means of deflection away from uncomfortable topics. Stop pretending like you care about black-on-black crime. We all know it’s just a handy red-herring used to deflect attention away from heinous crimes like the one Zimmerman committed against Trayvon.

      Thanks for your post.


      The clown who wrote this blog,

      – Chidike

    • teemtwo

      The writer is a conservative & what does BOB crime have to do with this?

  • http://impolitecanadian.blogspot.ca/ Impolite Canadian

    This is where you’re wrong:

    Trayvon Martin’s pic was used to make him look like an innocent kid shot by the oh-so-mean-white-man. Lanza’s pic is used because it’s the only one they could get.

    What if Zimmerman’s pic was him at 16, making him look innocent, YOU would have been outraged.

    • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

      That is a LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL! The Drudge Report STILL has the child picture of Lanza on his website — when even The New York Times has a more recent photo up!


      To say there is no other available picture of Lanza is a flagrant LIE.

      • MTG303

        Couldn’t agree with you more on this and I’ve written and asked several media outlets to publish a recent photo of Lanza. No one seems to be listening though, they’re far too comfortable with this sanitized image of the geeky teenager next door. I find it impossible to believe that relatives, the DMV, law enforcement or aquaintances of Lanza can not produce a more recent photo. Also disturbing is the constant reference of Lanza as a troubled “boy” when in fact he was 20 years old. Media outlets all over the world are using the photo of an 8 year old Lanza in their coverage of the massacre he committed and I am outraged over this!

        • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

          All decent people should be outraged about this. This coddling of a vile mass murderer is just insane!

          Thanks for your comment.

  • http://functionalculture.blogspot.com Constructive_Feedback

    Wow. Stunning and wrong.

    Mr Okeem: WHERE WAS THE CONVERSATION ABOUT “GUN CONTROL” when it came to Travyon Martin/George Zimmerman? OR Officer McPhail and Troy Davis? On MSNBC today – this is their LEAD INDICTMENT.

    YOU are falling for the OKEY DOKE!!!

    I just listened to MSNBC ALL AFTERNOON. They are not talking about the CRIMINALITY OF the Crazy White kid in CT.
    HOW does this square with your analysis?

    I just saw the Mayor of Philadelphia – who’s murder count is 319 with about 16 days left in the year. 75% of the people in this murder count are BLACK. In the MOST DEADLY STATE FOR BLACK PEOPLE per capita in the nation HE made an indictment against ASSAULT WEAPONS!!

    How many of the SERIAL MURDERS in Philly are done by ASSAULT WEAPONS?
    Why was there no attempt to prevent him from reframing the issue?

    When the Mayor Of Birmingham FAILED TO PROTECT THE “4 LITTLE BLACK GIRLS” and the killings of Blacks that triggered Rev Vernon Johns into action – WAS THE MAYOR of Montgomery ALLOWED to talk about GUN CONTROL – OR were “The Blacks” demanding that HE PROTECT THEM from RACIST TERRORISTS????

    You have it WRONG to the point of FRAUD Okeem.

    Trayvon Martin in the context of the 8,000+ BLACK HOMICIDES this year was something that was PULLED OUT OF THE BACKSIDE of the Civil Rights Pharisees who don’t want to deal WITH THE PROPORTIONATE ISSUE!!

    In Atlanta last weekend ONLY AFTER the elections was there a “Stop The Black On Black Murders” rally.

    YOU are just as blinded.
    There are no REPUBLICAN POWERBROKERS in Philly, Chicago, Newark, Detroit, Atlanta – DID THIS STOP “Ninjas From Getting Kilt”?

    I have no doubt that some elements within the GOP sought to volley a “TRUMPED UP RACIST ASSAULT” using a TRUMPED UP RACIST INDICTMENT on Trayvon Martin.

    MY PROBLEM WITH YOU – is that you can’t seem to note how the gross over-representation of OUR PEOPLE in the HOMICIDE VICTIM COUNT and the avoidance to seriously DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT is an element of this same shooting war that you are calling out one side for.

    • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

      With all due respect, your post is logically incoherent.

      I didn’t write about gun control or black-on-black crime. Yet again, the arguments I made in this piece have been dodged and the topic has been changed. Bringing up gun control in the context of this piece is a RED HERRING. It’s patently logically fallacious.

      Can’t anyone provide even ONE logically valid objection to ANY of the arguments I made here? Sheesh…

      • http://functionalculture.blogspot.com Constructive_Feedback

        YOU set up an imaginary straw man, successfully knocked it down and then accused ME of “Changing The Subject”.

        What YOU saw as “Changing the Subject” was my attempt to get you to focus on what is IMPORTANT in the governance of the Black Community.

        I can’t help if your sense of self (your “Offendedness”) is based upon the “Right-Wing’s ” reporting of a VICTIM of a killing versus a KILLER. I am sure that you could get “Offended” every day.

        IN MY PRIORITY system – after tracking Black people being MURDERED in the majority of the cities that chose to have a “Hoodie Rally” – I could not bring myself to see the entire “Trayvon Martin ordeal” (BESIDES the loss felt by his parents) as a “Black Conscious Attention Filibuster”.

        Did you realize that the (early) morning prior to US Rep Fredrica Wilson holding a “Hoodie Rally” – there was a shootout at a funeral in Miami, walking distance away from the planned rally?

        I received a link to your article from a “Black Conservative” site. (Booker Rising). I do not have a “Litmus Test” on your “Black Conservatism” based upon your loyalty to a viewpoint of opposition against “Black Progressive Fundamentalists”.

        I DO assume, however, that a “Black Conservative” won’t get trapped in the “EXTERNALLY YOKED” consciousness that a Progressive Fundamentalist lives off of.

        Tell me this sir: With your arguments above about the portrayal in the news of a BLACK VICTIM as a “criminal”……………..HOW DO YOU REACH A LEVEL OF CONSCIOUS SATISFACTION while NOT getting trapped into RACISM CHASING – as your Black leftist friends live off of?

        Even as “Favorable Progressives” take over as “The Establishment” they stop protesting against the failures FROM this “establishment” and are ALSO looking at what the WHITE RIGHT WING is doing to OFFEND them.

        MY GOAL was NOT to REFUTE what you said, sir.
        MY GOAL was to define the UNIVERSE of issues that need to be AUTHORITATIVELY MANAGED by the Black Community and note that THIS ONE IS TOO FAR DOWN ON THE LIST to be allowed to receive the attention that you have afforded it.

        • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

          Sadly, this is more incoherent blather. Basically, you’re ignoring every point I made in this piece, and you want to me to write about black-on-black violence in order to protect your precious little “conservative” media frauds. As I said previously, to introduce that topic in the context of this piece is in fact a red herring.

          You say that your goal wasn’t to refute what I said, but the first line of your reply said, “Wow. Stunning and wrong.” That would suggest to any reader that the rest of your post would attempt to show how I was wrong. I then exposed your horrendous logic, and now you say your goal wasn’t to refute my argument. Riiiiight…

          • http://functionalculture.blogspot.com Constructive_Feedback

            I JUST “RE-READ” your piece to make sure that I was not misrepresenting your words.
            I GOT YOU RIGHT the first time.

            YOU came into the story in Connecticut salty from your perceptions of the “Right Wing Slander” of Trayvon Martin.
            YOU kept a focus on the coverage about the “Crazy White Kid” and then looked TO THE RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA SOURCES to see if they were going to make him into a “Negro”.

            After 24 hours and the blood on the school’s linoleum floor finally drying YOU came to the conclusion that THE WHITE RIGHT WING was not going to SLANDER “ONE OF THEIR OWN” as they would do if he was a NEGRO.

            (I get the feeling that if I affirmed your position my written composition acumen would rise several grade levels)

            I AM NOT going down YOUR RAT HOLE.

            I would say that IT MAY BE SO that they are not going to “Criminalize the CRAZY WHITE KID”.

            MY PROBLEM WITH YOU – is that as you get OFFENDED by “The Right Wing” you can’t bring yourself to see the GRAND SCHEME of how the FAILURE TO MANAGE AND DEVELOP our Young Black people – is the OPPORTUNITY COST of “Systematic Racism Chasing”.

            YOU ASSUMED that I wanted you to “Bash BLACK CRIMINALITY”.

            MY STATEMENT is that the present condition of young Black males is partially due to the fact that there is more currency in FOCUSING ON WHAT WHITE FOLKS think about them and getting OFFENDED (Systematic Racism Chasing) than there is COMPETENCY at using this time and motion to DEVELOP them via the INSTITUTIONS that have been taken over as the OFFENDED BLACK PROGRESSIVE converted their anger into POLITICAL EXPRESSION.

            I ask you again, sir (and I want you to think about this – and I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY)……………..“HOW DOES Voice Of Chid GET SATISFIED via this present disposition that you are projecting” (getting OFFENDED at White Right-Wing failure to slander a WHITE CRIMINAL as they did a BLACK VICTIM and then INVESTING your “Struggle Motion” upon THEM rather than in setting up GOVERNANCE STRUCTURES within the Black Community”)

            Unfortunately, brother – the “SATISFACTION” that is presently had by Black progressive columnists like Keli Goff and Michael Denzel Smith is that they are CONTENTED to believe that WHITE RACISM is the primary cause of the unemployment of BLACK MALES and thus they must FIGHT RACISM.

            This corrupt analysis can’t factor in the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that they have VOTED INTO POWER over the domains where our people live. Insidiously – they don’t have to PRODUCE (Organic Outcomes) FOR THE COMMUNITY – as the previous occupants of the seats of power were expected to do (per the protests outside of their offices). Today the ESTABLISHMENT POWER only needs to FIGHT FOR what is satisfying to the POPULIST BASE.

            This is why they are talking about GUN CONTROL rather than why the people are motivated to destroy other life and how to mitigate this dysfunctional spirit within them.

            What is your desired outcome of this debate with me, sir?
            Your original terms mandated that someone PROVE that the RIGHT-WING PRESS is NOT RACIST.
            What if I have no interest in proving or disproving this BECAUSE the “satisfaction” from this end is IRRELEVANT on MY priority scale as there are other stronger forces that are derailing our people?

          • http://www.voiceofchid.com/ VOICEOFCHID

            “What is your desired outcome of this debate with me, sir?”

            Erm, we’re not having a debate. A debate would require you to critically engage with the points I made in the piece. You’re not doing that. You’re saying, “How dare you make the points that you made! You should have made the points in my head instead.” Again, this is fallacious logic. There hasn’t been a single red herring that you’ve thrown out that has refuted a single thing I said in the piece.

            You’re mad that I am calling out the hypocritical frauds on the right, when you’d much prefer that I solely focus on bashing liberals and liberalism. Unlike you, I don’t care about receiving pats on the head. Yes, we all detest liberalism, but, frankly, it is simpleminded to only attack BS when it is on the other side. Free thinkers are capable of critiquing everything.

          • http://functionalculture.blogspot.com Constructive_Feedback

            [quote]You’re mad that I am calling out the hypocritical frauds on the rightYes, we all detest liberalism[/quote]

            1) I am NOT “mad” at you calling out anyone – I am PISSED that you have build up a straw man and tore it down and you have assigned more importance to what “Fox News” propagates than what the Black community GENERATES and if it is in line with OUR DEVELOPMENT NEEDS.

            2) I DON’T DETEST LIBERALISM. I look at the BLACK COMMUNITY and the SYSTEMS that are easily compromised – ALLOWING “The White Progressive Cheshire Foxes” and the “Black Fox Embedded Confidence Men” to HAVE THEIR WAY with Black people.

            What you don’t seem to understand is that their PRIMARY vector of attack is SETTING UP STRAW MEN and then generating “OFFENSIVENESS” through the channels within the Black community. Why do you think that The Root/The Grio/AOL Blax has been setup?

            When you see George Zimmerman PROMOTED from civilian into a POLICE MAN – do you think that this is an accident? Does someone NOT see the sensitivities of Black people?

            WHITE SUPREMACY = Demote Black victims like Trayvon Martin into Criminals and say “They deserved what they got”

            NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY (held by Black people) and ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY (held by White people) = PROMOTE George Zimmerman into an OFFICIAL POLICE AUTHORITY in order to run protests that say “The POLICE must stop killing Black people!!!!”

            It seems that YOU have a problem accepting the “Yen And Yang”

            What YOU see in ME as wanting to EVADE what the Bigoted RIGHT WING is doing – you can’t accept that the Bigoted left operates from the vantage point WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY – without anyone (like you) observing their SAMENESS in agenda and how their close proximity does more damage because they have assumed “The VOICE OF THE STRUGGLE”.

            THUS large crowds of people justify their ride past the murder scenes WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY because a SUPERIOR assault has transpired.

            MY QUESTION to you: What does this do the the BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE – the condition of which will become increasingly important as the FAVORABLE ESTABLISHMENT POWER takes over, is looked to to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE but their are no more RIGHT-WING WHITES in authority to generate “Congregational Unity” within the Black masses due to the greater existential threat?

            I am disengaging on this one, bro.
            There is no further ground to be made.

          • http://functionalculture.blogspot.com Constructive_Feedback
  • teemtwo

    LOVE it!

  • Christopher Knox

    Trayvon parents threw up that out dated picture was pathetic attempt to paint there kid as a pure innocent child. I reality he is apparently a foot ball playing 17 year old. A far different person than they were presenting to the world. How about the updated picture of Trayvon. George Zimmerman is already guilty in your eyes so your objective view is no longer exist. Trayvon Martin as it seems now was not a innocent young kid but a troubled young man who was suspended from School and had a attitude to match. Using little children getting gunned down to a teen age thug who I understand attacked the Zimmerman who then killed him in self defense I will await the actual verdict of a court as Trayvon is not the poor innocent child you were hoping he was. Though Zimmerman seem’s to be a prick. That is not against the law yet. Put all the facts out there or simply admit your one sided peace of work here is entirely of you own opinion with no actual worth. I don’t agree with republicans on many things and still think this is pure BS. I guess when everyone and there next of kin can put stuff up on Face Book, YouTube and open a blog you are bound to come across all this one sided Story’s. I myself am looking for facts not one sided self motivated opinions.