Hate To Say I Told You So: White Nationalism and Anti-Immigration

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Last month, I penned what can now be considered a mightily prescient article, White Nationalism: The Reason the Right Will Lose on Amnesty. Now we have irrefragable proof that a white nationalist, Jason Richwine, contributed to a key anti-immigration policy paper at the supposedly mainstream conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation. Richwine wrote his Ph.D. at Harvard on IQ and Hispanics where he suggested that Hispanics are genetically inferior to whites — and this genetic inferiority is “effectively permanent.”

Watch the video of Rachel Maddow, a woman who I completely disagree with ideologically, delivering a truthful and hard-hitting segment on the topic.

My main query is why does it have to be a hardcore leftist to do this exposure? Why aren’t there any conservatives confidently stepping away from the crowd to say, “This racist nonsense does not represent me or my conservative views”?

More than the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants, white nationalism becoming ensconced in the Republican Party is what poses the real existential threat to the GOP. It is possible to convince Hispanics who receive amnesty to vote Republican; however, it is impossible to convince any self-respecting minority to endorse white nationalism. It’s never going to happen.

White right-wing racists are in love with the book The Bell Curve. Charles Murray, the co-author of that nonsensical book, is the mentor of Jason Richwine. The celebrated black economist Dr. Thomas Sowell politely shredded the book in an essay filled with arguments so unassailable that Murray is still incapable of refuting them. (Read the affable intellectual smackdown here). It must sting Murray a little that a genius black economist congenially destroyed his book containing arguments about the genetic insufficiency of black IQ. How many of the cretins who hold Murray’s work up as the Gospel Truth have read Sowell’s refutation of it? Maybe if they did, they’d be comfortable sleeping without having copies of The Bell Curve and The Turner Diaries under their pillows. (Mein Kampf probably sits snugly on their nightstands, too.)

Indeed, despite all the intellectual pretension, white nationalism is one of the most philosophically flimsy ideologies on the planet today. Adherence to such a nonsensical philosophy requires profound intellectual dishonesty, which is the only force that could enable one to selectively dismiss and lie about hundreds of years of history the way white nationalists laughably do. White nationalists understand that their ideology cannot survive as its own brand, so they try to hide under the banner of the philosophically superior ideology of conservatism, which apparently is working if The Heritage Foundation doesn’t mind hiring one to write about immigration…

Now do you get the point of my last article on immigration and white nationalism? Now do you see why I say that, for some, this has nothing to do with the rule of law and everything to do with xenophobic hatred birthed from white supremacy?

In the words of my favorite singer…