Donald Trump and the Opening of the Gates of Hades

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Donald Trump being elected as the 45th President of the United States is one of the most monumental calamities in modern world history. The pretense that Trump — despite being the next Leader of the Free World and Commander-in-Chief of the world’s foremost military — is powerless due to “checks and balances” is wholly insufferable. To hold this absurdist position is to willfully ignore the lion’s share of the American historical record. Donald Trump’s presidency, whether people like it or not, has opened the gates of Hades. White supremacist ideology is ascendant worldwide, and a Donald Trump presidency will likely be some of the darkest years in world history.


The Black Case Against Voting

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Quadrennially, blacks are subjected to the tedious and ethnically manipulative fib that voting is obligatory in order to respect black ancestors. The right reason for voting is to elect someone who one believes has the policies and the character worthy of holding higher office. Voting should not be done just to unthinkingly “fulfill a civic duty.” If, after careful deliberation, one finds that there are no candidates that represent one’s politics and morality, then abstaining from voting is a perfectly principled option. It is an utterly puerile conception of civic responsibility to maintain that voting in every election is necessary — especially for black Americans.


New Essay at The University Bookman

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A Partial Introduction to Black Conservatism

By Chidike Okeem

Book Review

Black Conservatism, a collection edited by Peter Eisenstadt, is an introduction to the lives of lesser-known figures who can be categorized as some strain of black conservative. When assessed as singular pieces, the essays are elegant and informative, which is unsurprising given that they are written by experts in their fields; however, the collection is hampered by its grievous inattention to some of the most important figures in the history of black conservatism.



The Errant and Hubristic Theology of Anti-Lottery Zealots

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On Wednesday, January 13th, 2016, the largest lottery in world history will take place. As it currently stands, people will be vying for a chance to win $1.5 billion. This has led to some, allegedly speaking for God, attacking the idea of Christians playing the lottery. The notion that playing the lottery is a sin is the epitome of false theology and pseudo-spirituality. There is nothing in the Bible that demonstrates that playing the lottery in a responsible fashion is a sin against God. It is perfectly acceptable for a Christian to decide not to play the lottery, but the idea that Christians who do play the lottery are somehow in contravention of God’s will and are living in sin is Biblically unsupportable bunkum.

Curiously, last week, as the current jackpot began climbing to its current billion-dollar range, Calvinist preacher John Piper wrote a piece titled Seven Reasons Not to Play the Lottery. When the article was posted on Twitter, it arrived with a message that said “every penny [of the lottery] offends God.” When one sits and reads the article, it becomes clear that Piper, like most from this school of thought, has no sound theological arguments to defend his point. The rest of this article will expose the weaknesses of his arguments.

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The Odious Xenophobia of Donald Trump

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Earlier this year, when activist Pamela Geller engaged in her pointless trolling of Islamic terrorists by holding a ‘Draw Mohammad’ competition, Donald Trump correctly responded by saying her actions were unnecessarily provocative and put the lives of innocent Americans in danger. In deliberately provocative comments of his own, Donald Trump decided to use his platform announcing his run for the presidency of the United States to trash Mexican immigrants by suggesting they are rapists and criminals. This commentary from Trump is an ancient bigoted talking point advanced by many white supremacist writers. However, as a presidential candidate, Trump’s rhetoric deserves special scrutiny and condemnation, inasmuch as he is privileged to have a megaphone that the aforementioned writers do not have. It is especially contemptible that Trump is using his platform to engage in this kind of hate speech. His comments were specifically designed to make life difficult for Mexican immigrants who come to America to make life better for themselves—and contribute to America in meaningful ways. This irresponsible speech from Trump labeling Mexican immigrants as criminals will likely lead to actual crimes against them.

In response to Trump’s illiterate and bigoted comments, Univision executives announced that they will no longer carry the Miss USA contest on the station—a contest that Donald Trump owns. Following suit, NBC released a statement severing its professional relationship with Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the kind of narcissist who would gladly blow up the GOP for the attention that it will bring him, knowing that the Republican National Committee is run by Reince Priebus—a man who only offered a tepid, timid disagreement by saying Trump’s immigration comments are “not helpful” to the Republican cause. Without the courage to call out people like Trump with verve, the GOP will always struggle to win minority votes—particularly given they are contending with a Democratic Party that does not presently traffic in, or have politicians who are rewarded for engaging in, such plainly bigoted rhetoric. Evidently, the votes of xenophobes are of deep importance to the modern Republican Party. What Trump does not seem to have calculated, however, is that unlike the white supremacists who can simply engage in vile, bigoted rhetoric because they have built careers on selling books, radio shows, and television shows to racist rubes, Donald Trump actually has things to lose.

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