Scott Walker’s Lack of a College Degree Matters

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The notion that America should accept a president in the 21st century who does not possess a baccalaureate degree is beyond absurdity. The fact that some conservatives are trying to make criticisms of Walker’s lack of a college degree about snobbery and elitism, rather than him not meeting a perfunctory expectation of the Leader of the Free World, only goes to show the embarrassing way in which anti-intellectualism is treated as a sought-after virtue within mainstream conservatism.

There is an alarming number of people in America with graduate degrees who are incapable of finding jobs commensurate with their educational attainment and, in some cases, finding jobs at all. At a time when this is occurring, it would be monumentally absurd to elect someone who couldn’t be bothered to finish college to the highest office in the land. If the highest office in the land, and indeed the most important job in the world, can be whimsically occupied by someone who couldn’t be bothered to find the time to finish his undergraduate education, then what is the point of anyone slogging through college and earning a degree? Are those who suggest that college dropouts should be routinely considered for the office of President of the United States arguing that the presidency is less tasking or important than the plurality of jobs listed on Craigslist that specify only holders of a baccalaureate degree should apply?

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Addressing Bill O’Reilly and White Privilege

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Bill O’Reilly recently did a segment on his show pointing out the fact that he does not believe in white privilege because Asian Americans educationally outperform both whites and blacks in America—and they adhere more rigidly to a traditional family structure. What Bill O’Reilly fails to understand, however, is that changing the topic from white privilege to an irrelevant discussion of Asian Americans’ successes does not refute the existence of white privilege. One cannot disprove the existence of white privilege by pointing out that other minority groups do well in America. All it shows is that, through hard work and determination, it is possible to overcome discrimination and reach the top. But that is not a statement that most people, except the most extreme left-wingers, contend against.

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Michael Brown, Ferguson, and Black Attitudes to Policing

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Michael Brown, an 18-year-old who was a few days away from starting college, was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri—a region with a prominent African-American population. The circumstances surrounding his death are still unclear; however, eyewitnesses have said that Michael Brown had his hands in the air when he was shot dead. As a result of the killing of Michael Brown, the city of Ferguson has been in uproar, and the anti-police sentiment is palpable. While most of the protesters have been peaceful, there have been some opportunists who used the disarray as an opportunity to steal from stores throughout the neighborhood. Of course, those who revel in presenting the worst images of black America have obsessively focused on the looting—as if the looting by some makes Brown’s death justifiable.

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My Response to Odd, Daft Attack by Right Wing News Blogger

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Interestingly, Right Wing News has published a remarkably illiterate piece criticizing me for wanting “to put an end to black conservatism.”

Chidike Okeem wants to put an end to black conservatism. He believes that any black conservative who opposes  Affirmative Action or doesn’t cling to the Voting Rights Act as if it were the Bible is either inept or a fraud pandering to mainstream white conservatives. Typically, this is rhetoric spewed by liberal race-peddlers with a desire to discredit minority conservatives. He claims to be a conservative, yet his articles remain some of the most vitriolic, anti-right wing screeds I have ever read.

This is as honest an accusation as saying, “Person X wants to put an end to all medications for sick patients!” simply because that person expressed a desire to end the sale of fake medications. The title of my piece is The End of Artificial Black Conservatism. Dropping the word ‘artificial’ from the title of my piece in order to misrepresent my point takes intellectual dishonesty to an unparalleled zenith. The fact that this blogger has the temerity to suggest that I am being dishonest on race is ironic—especially when he cannot correctly characterize an argument. To be honest, however, such intellectual dishonesty does not surprise me. I carefully craft my essays to be logically hermetic. The best way to undermine my writings is to invent comical misrepresentations of my actual points.

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Divide and Rule, Immigration, and Ethnic Conflict

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Aside from historical revisionism, the favorite tactic of white supremacists and white imperialists is divide and rule. Nothing makes white supremacists more eupeptic than pitting ethnic and racial groups against each other in order to effortlessly control them and maintain social power. In colonial Africa, divide and rule was the main stratagem that colonialists used to ensure that their interests remained unharmed. British imperialists divided Africa up in ways that made for efficacious colonies, but would be next to impossible to function as autonomous states. The same is true about white supremacists and imperialists in India. The British deviously capitalized on the religious disputes between the Muslims and the Hindus in order to control the region. White supremacists, with rhythmic monotonousness, say that diversity does not work. They argue that it is harmful and destroys civilized societies. However, history demonstrates that one of the chief reasons why there are problems with diversity throughout the world is because of the unrelenting effort of white supremacists to strain intercultural relationships and exacerbate ethnic conflict.

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