Race and Politics Revisited — and a Clarification!

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for the past few days, but I finally decided to sit down today and write! Hopefully, this will mark a change in my laziness with writing blogs and articles!

As I have always said, negative e-mails from detractors are always important in helping me explain things that I do not explain properly in articles. Articles are not books where there is unlimited space to make points. That’s why I created this blog: to write follow-ups to articles, correct my mistakes, as well as write about things that aren’t necessarily publishable elsewhere.


Yes, I Said It! As We Can See From His Actions, Barack Obama Is NOT Concerned with the Black Community

One e-mail I received pointed out that it is wrong for me to accuse Obama of not caring about the black community inasmuch as it is impossible to ascertain what is in a person’s heart. What’s hilarious is the fact that nowhere did I categorically assert that I knew what was in Barack Obama’s heart. I simply argued that by failing to deliver on the economy, Barack Obama has betrayed the black community. I also pointed out that he has focused relentlessly on a smorgasbord of other trivial issues, thus demonstrating his lack of concern for the black community. I never claim to be a clairvoyant that can tell what’s in anyone’s heart, but what I can do is deduce from someone’s actions what their most important concerns are. By not instituting policies that have worked for blacks in the past — Reagan conservatism — it is plausible to suggest that Barack Obama doesn’t care about the black community. It’s a logical inference; it’s not a declarative statement of knowledge.

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Racial Animosity and Calculated ‘Academic’ Controversialists



Generally, top academic institutions are known for harboring scholars that put out stellar studies on important issues — as opposed to being known as places that harbor people who formulate needless racial controversies. (The latter is what we expect from the NAACP, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and Al Sharpton’s entire existence). A London School of Economics (LSE) psychologist, however, provided an exception to that rule. In a silly and poorly reasoned “academic” article for Psychology Today, Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa (pictured left) argued that black women are uglier than other races because they allegedly have higher testosterone levels.

More insulting than the patent racism of this research was the offensive lack of scholarly rigor that Kanazawa displayed during his “study.” To arrive at his dazzling conclusion, Kanazawa conducted a survey of people without divulging the critical information needed to assess the validity of his chosen method: the race of the people being surveyed and the amount of people being surveyed. Even if this information was divulged, serious academics would want to know the sampling method that he utilized so they could assess whether his method contained sampling bias.

Leaving all that academic research parlance aside, the fundamental fact of the matter is that Kanazawa attempted to dress up people’s opinion as a basis for ascertaining facts. Irrespective of however many people he surveyed, to assert that, scientifically, black women are uglier than women of other races is fallacious, inasmuch as there is no objective or scientific metric to test beauty. Thus, his entire research endeavor was an embarrassing fool’s errand.

It’s unfortunate that this wasn’t just a mere mistake or an anomaly. Kanazawa’s nonsense is emblematic of a more troubling trend in academia and the public intellectual scene.

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