Zimmerman Is Still a Racist — Even If He Didn’t Say ‘Coons’

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It’s hilarious how pro-Zimmerman people—and I am sad to admit that they are almost invariably on the right—are acting as though the case for Zimmerman being a racist rests solely on whether or not he uttered the word “coons.”

This is complete nonsense birthed from an unwillingness to look at the totality of the facts.

The cumulative case for Zimmerman’s racism is so strong that one could easily concede the “coons” point and still have a credible case to accuse Zimmerman of racism. Here are four main points:

1) Aside from the fact that Zimmerman called the police many times on “suspicious-looking” black males, Zimmerman called the cops on a 7-9 year old, four-foot tall black child who looked “suspicious” while walking to an elementary school. I’ve yet to see one of Zimmerman’s prominent defenders in the conservative media address this point. Why would a black child walking to an elementary school look suspicious? And even if one takes the absurd position that Zimmerman was concerned for the child’s safety, why would that necessitate a phone call to the police, as opposed to watching and making sure the child got into the school where he would have been safe?

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