Mitt Romney on RomneyCare

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If the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney, they are deservedly going to lose to Barack Obama. Romney is an obvious progressive! How Republicans can see a clear conservative like Michele Bachmann (or even Rick Santorum) and opt for a progressive like Mitt Romney is beyond explanation.

When you compare Romney’s above remarks with his previous remarks (linked below), it becomes glaringly obvious that Romney thinks the individual mandate is a great idea.


This is the man Republicans trust to repeal ObamaCare? Why should he repeal ObamaCare when he fundamentally agrees with it? It’s a total shame that Romney is bamboozling Republicans with such little effort.


I have several “fully cooked” articles in my brain waiting to be written. Christmas is over, so it’s time to start writing. Look out for my Top Must-Read Books of 2011 post that I’ll put up soon!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!