The Horrific Logic of Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin

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(^relevant portion starts at 27:40^)

The argument that Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin consistently posit is that Newt Gingrich—a man who served in Congress for TWENTY years and acts as a power broker on K Street—is not an establishment politician because the establishment doesn’t like him. Under what rule of logic does someone cease to be something they manifestly are solely because similar people dislike them? This is almost as absurd as suggesting that I am not black because some black people dislike me.

Clearly, the establishment dislikes Newt Gingrich because all objective evidence points to the fact that he is a loathsome person. The fact that establishment Republicans like Romney more than they like Gingrich is not evidence for the claim that Gingrich is not an establishment Republican. It just doesn’t follow at all.

To think that conservatives are buying this nonsensical and overtly fallacious argument simply because it was offered by the “GREAT SARAH BARRACUDA”* just shows that some on the right are willing to sacrifice logic to support their favorite candidate. Well, to be fair, Gingrich is declining in national polls, which shows that most Republicans are seeing through his horse manure.

If only Republicans could start turning on the slimy Massachusetts used-car salesman…

* – Note the heavy sarcasm