Sarah Palin’s Spectacular Hypocrisy Regarding Joe Biden’s ‘Chains’ Comment

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Recently, Joe Biden attracted heat from the right for his comment suggesting that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to put people “back in chains” by unleashing the banks to decide their own regulatory policies. This is an outrageous comment to make, but as I have written about before, Democrats are permitted to make offensive references to grisly parts of black history while making political points. This is because ‘blackness’ and ‘Democrat’ have become inseparable terms—so much so that white Democrats are considered blacker than black Republicans. Black Republicans are rebuked for making even mild comments about race. This is why I argue that we need a separation of blackness and state.

Interestingly, however, Mediaite—one of my favorite websites—uploaded a video of Sarah Palin denouncing Joe Biden’s remark as a “disgusting comment.”

I was stunned by this glaring hypocrisy because I immediately recalled Palin making a remarkably similar comment about Barack Obama. Sarah Palin said—in response to Breitbart’s exposure of Barack Obama’s relationship with a Harvard Law professor who taught critical race theory—that President Obama is trying to take the country back to before the Civil War. There’s nothing more stupid than suggesting that the first black president of the United States (even if only half-black) wants to take the country back to a time when slavery was legal.

Many conservatives are completely unaware of the fact that Barack Obama raised lots of money over her outrageous comment—and I am sure that the Romney campaign is going to do the same with Biden’s equally outrageous comment.

In any event, this is the kind of hypocrisy that really makes me disdain certain people on the American right. Some conservatives behave just as deplorably as liberals do, but they aren’t even the slightest bit concerned about the hypocrisy of irately wagging their accusing fingers at liberals for the same misbehavior. Sarah Palin has the unmitigated temerity to attack Joe Biden for illogically denouncing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in exactly the same way that she illogically denounced President Obama. This is the kind of, “It’s bad when you do it to us, but perfectly fine when we do it to you!” logic that makes conservatives look just as silly and unprincipled as liberals.

This unsettling trend among conservatives is perhaps one of the reasons why we have a flip-flopping fraud, Mitt Romney, as the GOP standard-bearer. Romney is an amazingly hypocritical person who doesn’t mind denouncing people for holding positions today that he held yesterday. He’s a “perfectly lubricated weather vane,” as Gov. Huntsman said during the presidential primary process. Republicans selected Romney as the GOP nominee, despite his record of opportunistic flip-flops and blindingly conspicuous hypocrisy. It’s no wonder why the same people who would be deceived into supporting a hypocrite like Romney would see Sarah Palin as the principled intellectual light of the American right. They’re both tricksters!

The elevation of Sarah Palin as though she is some sort of female Socrates among conservatives will continue to be a serious impediment to the progression of conservatism. Her brand of jaw-dropping hypocrisy is one that I have been noticing more and more among so-called conservatives. If conservatives are really serious about creating a stark difference between the right and the left, leaving aside liberal phoniness and outright hypocrisy should be one of the first items on our agenda.

Yes, Biden’s comment was offensive, but Sarah Palin is the last person to be making that argument. However, don’t expect to read about this amazing hypocrisy from Sarah from many other conservatives. Remember, she’s an inviolable conservative saint! She’s waaaaay above political criticism!