Hate To Say I Told You So…

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Throughout this election cycle, I repeatedly said that Mitt Romney had absolutely NO CHANCE of being elected President of the United States. Establishment Republican jobbernowls and Romney’s cretinous cheerleaders kept predicting a Romney landslide. Romney lost with a colossal defeat in the Electoral College. Obama cleaned his clock so devastatingly that Florida’s election result was relegated to an irrelevancy. Mitt Romney and his team can only take solace in the fact that the popular vote was close, but Obama won that, too.

Failed president Barack Obama with his family after being reelected to second term – primarily as a result of mentally challenged people running the GOP…

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how accurate some of my predictions were about this election. (SPOILER ALERT: I was 100% right.)

From The Case for the Lady with the Titanium Spine

If the 2012 election is primarily an ideological debate, the conservative Republican will win. If ideology is removed by running two progressives in two different parties with very similar positions on key issues . . . Obama will win on charisma and cultural status.

If you have any doubts about the accuracy of this prediction, just watch the last two presidential debates, and then tell me that Romney agreeing with Obama constitutes an “ideological debate”…

From Mitt Romney on RomneyCare

If the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney, they are deservedly going to lose to Barack Obama.

From Just Wait Until His Second Term…

If people think Obama is moving towards totalitarianism now, just wait until he wins a second term and has little to no political risk. He didn’t even wait to be reelected before pushing through ObamaCare! After Romney is destroyed by Obama in November, maybe Republicans will learn to actually run conservatives on the Republican ticket. The only thing left to do now is pray that 2016 isn’t too late for America.

(P.S. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve given up on Santorum. Romney is going to be the nominee, and Obama is going to be reelected. Republicans should have gone with Bachmann. :( )

To be clear, I said this back in April — when people were still talking about a Romney landslide…

From Todd Akin & Mitt Romney: They’re Both Unelectable!

The main reason for the GOP hullabaloo about this Akin situation is that they are already looking for a scapegoat to explain the disaster that is Romney’s candidacy—and Akin is filling that role. That’s the bottom line. When Mormonism costs Romney the election—and it will—people already have in place their fictional, alternative explanation for why the Republicans lost: Akin made a dumb comment and refused to withdraw from his Missouri race, and that, we’ll be told, caused the entire Republican Party to disintegrate.

Yes, Akin should have withdrawn from the Senate race; however, Akin should not be used as the scapegoat for Romney’s fecklessness as a candidate.

“Blame Akin!” will be the official exclamation of these Republicans when Romney loses. When it happens, serious conservatives should know better. The moment a Mormon was chosen as the GOP candidate for president to run against the first black president of the United States was the moment the Republicans ceded this election to the Democrats.

Expect to see the full manifestation of this prediction in a few days…

From Santorum Needs to Watch Bachmann Tapes

If Santorum is going to succeed in the general election—of course, I’m still praying that he beats the Mormon Republican frontrunner who has ZERO chance of defeating the first black president—he needs to step up his game the way Bachmann did.

I was also right that Mormonism would be an October surprise for Mitt Romney. At the end of the month, someone (I assume an undercover Democratic operative) uploaded an interview of Romney discussing Mormonism. It was on the front page of YouTube for several days, and has over 3 million views. Watch the video below:

I truly hate to say I told you so, but…




Congratulations to all the cretinous Romney cheerleaders! Bravo! You sure showed Obama!