Roderick Scott Is Not the Black George Zimmerman

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The latest canard promulgated by George Zimmerman’s cretinous defenders is that Roderick Scott is his black equivalent. They argue that it is hypocritical for the pro-Trayvon Martin mainstream media to be silent in the case where 17-year-old white male, Christopher Cervini, was shot and killed. Zimmerman fans argue that the only reason why Scott isn’t being lambasted the way Zimmerman has been is because his victim was a white teen.

The notion that the two cases are analogous is utterly moronic—if you consider facts beyond the similar ages of the deceased teens.

Let’s look at those facts, shall we?

On April 4, 2009, Roderick Scott confronted Christopher Cervini, 17, and two of his accomplices in the middle of their attempt to break into a car in the neighborhood. (Please note that Scott caught them while they were committing a criminal act.) Scott armed himself with his licensed gun before instructing his girlfriend to call the police. When Scott got outside, he immediately informed Cervini and his partners in crime that he had called the police and that he had a firearm. He told them to freeze. After this, Cervini charged towards Scott and yelled, “I am going to get you.” At this point, Scott shot Cervini twice and killed him. According to the defense’s story, Cervini was screaming, “Please don’t shoot me! I’m just a kid!”

Interestingly, Scott was asked whether he would do things differently if he could do the situation over. Here is YNN’s recap of what he said:

“If it meant a person not losing their life, absolutely,” he said. “Would I still have tried to stop what was going on? That I would have done. But if I knew ahead of time that I could do something to help somebody from losing their life, I don’t want anyone to lose their life."

The differences in the Scott and Zimmerman cases are so glaring that it’s quite pathetic that they need to be pointed out for dense Zimmerman fans. It just goes to show how morally bankrupt Zimmerman defenders truly are.

Firstly, Cervini was in the middle of committing an actual crime. That’s what alerted Scott to Cervini. Trayvon’s “crime” was walking while black and wearing a hoodie. That’s what alerted Zimmerman to Trayvon.

Secondly, Scott clearly announced that he had called 911 and that he had a gun. By his own testimony, Zimmerman announced no such thing when he had the opportunity to do so. Had Zimmerman announced those things, Trayvon would not have defended himself and would have likely explained who he was and where he was going. Getting an explanation about where Trayvon was going was not part of Zimmerman’s agenda. He was a wannabe cop — one who was too stupid to pass community college criminal justice introductory classes — who was intended on making sure a “f*****g punk” doesn’t get away like they “always” do.

Thirdly, Scott was arrested and charged for the killing (as he should have been). Yes, I believe Scott was legally right, but surely a person shouldn’t sleep in their house after killing a teenager. George Zimmerman did! The principal reason for the Zimmerman outrage was because he was not charged with any crime whatsoever after needlessly killing an unarmed teenager who was committing no crime! Scott killed a teenager who was committing a crime, yet he was still arrested and charged.

Lastly, one glaring difference is the stark contrast in the morality of the two killers. As I mentioned earlier, Scott said if he could do everything over, he would avoid taking a life. He clearly understands that just because something is legally justified doesn’t make it morally right. Wicked demon George Zimmerman, however, when asked by dummy Sean Hannity about whether he would take anything back, he said: “No, I feel like it was all God’s plan.”

That tells you the level of die-hard, sociopathic wickedness you’re dealing with as far as Zimmerman is concerned.

If you believe that Roderick Scott is the black George Zimmerman, you’re either a bloody fool with no capacity for understanding analogous situations, or you’re a dyed-in-the-wool racist, inasmuch as you think Trayvon being a black male while walking down the street at night poses the same threat as a white male actually committing a crime. Rather than mindlessly screaming, “Where’s the media outrage?!?” you should be screaming one of two questions: either (a) “Why wasn’t I blessed with the ability to identify analogous situations?!?” or (b) “Why has my racism strangulated my rationality?!?”