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The Artificial Morality of Darren Wilson’s Supporters

By Chidike Okeem

On Monday evening, the grand jury verdict was read and it revealed that the criminal justice system will not be holding Officer Darren Wilson responsible for needlessly killing Michael Brown. Protesting, rioting and looting ensued in Ferguson, Missouri. While rioting and looting cannot be praised by any moral person, it is patently morally evasive for Darren Wilson supporters to focus on those misbehaviors while praising the revolting immorality and violation of the sanctity of life that led to such misbehaviors. Although looting and burning down stores is immoral, it pales in comparison to the immorality of needlessly taking a life. Fans of the murderous cop Darren Wilson are simply using their dramatic displays of moral outrage over the looting and burning of stores as a way to feign possessing moral compasses and obfuscate their obvious moral bankruptcy.