7 Life Lessons From 2021

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Happy New Year! To kick off 2022, here are seven life lessons from 2021.

1.  Reaching the next level sometimes necessitates shedding

Before reaching the next level in any area of life, it is important to recognize that shedding can sometimes be a necessity. People and things that are not meant for you and that cannot aid your progress will be eliminated from your life. This is simply God’s way of curtailing the amount of baggage that you carry to the next level. This is not something to lament. Rather, it should be a source of happiness. The reason why some people are distraught about such shedding is because they often try to make permanent fixtures out of things that are better suited to temporary status. Understanding seasonality in life is necessary to avoid inappropriate attachment. For instance, attempting to squeeze lifelong friendships out of situational acquaintanceships will always lead to unnecessary heartache. Attempting to make a position permanent when it should just be for a short season will lead to stagnancy.

Celebrate the shedding! It often means you are moving forward.

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